Are you passionate about championing inclusive safety and well-being at festivals and concerts? Our campaign is entirely dedicated to promoting a culture of safety, ranging from the fundamental “see something, say something” mindset to highlighting artists who embody our message, along with showcasing products that enhance safety at raves.

Our journey into the world of raves began with the discovery of a safe haven—a space where judgment was nonexistent, where we could freely express ourselves, connect with kindred spirits, and immerse ourselves in the finest music, surrounded by strangers with whom we felt secure.

We invite you to join us in spreading this important message to the entire rave community. Together, let’s preserve and cultivate the spirit of safety and inclusivity that defines the rave experience. Join us in keeping the rave spirit alive!


RaveTalks encourages everyone to promote safety and well- being at music festivals & events, while staying true to the PLURR* message in this meaningful and connected movement.

As a Content Creator Partner, we prize your creativity & positive messages.
Our number #1 priority is for YOU TO BE SAFE & HAVE FUN!

As Always:
• Keep safe
• Make sure there is gas in the car
• Phones are charged
• Stay Hydrated (try to drink a minimum 8oz of water every hour)
• Create your 2-potty-buddy system


Our goal for this campaign at RaveTalks is to promote RaveTalks' mission & Podcast.

By adding all of the hashtags, paid partnerships, tags, and captions to each post this allows us to properly measure the success of this campaign. As a small company, we’re striving to constantly grow and learn! The outcome of this will continue to open doors for more opportunities, for all of us.

We are really excited to share this opportunity with you all and hope you have a blast doing so!

We can’t thank you enough for sharing our message with your audience.

Requirements & Tasks

In order to complete this affiliate marketing campaign, you must: Fill out the registration form, follow all directions, and fulfill ALL the components within the PEACE strategy. 

  • Creators must have 1k+ followers, social media accounts must be public, & you must be following RaveTalks on social media
  • ALL content must be completed at festivals or music events you are attending DURING the time of the campaign
  • ALL content must be posted on BOTH TikTok & Instagram, if you have both
  • All content must be completed at festivals or music events you are attending & must be completed during its assigned months



  1.  Make a Reels/TikTok seeing your favorite female DJ live (ex. share a bit about why their your favorite)

  2. Create 1 in feed post (Photo or Reels/TikTok) promoting RaveTalks’ latest Podcast episode (Season 5 Episode 1)


  1. Make a Reels/TikTok on how you stay safe &/or care for your well-being at raves (ex. how you get out of uncomfortable situations, how you leave festivals safely, how you say “No”, hydrate, eat, etc.)

  2. Make a Reels/TikTok of you trading kandi at a festival or event. Remember to: tag KandiesWorld and set KandiesWorld & RaveTalks collaborators for the chance to be posted on KW’s Instagram


  1. Make a post on the importance of keeping your mental health in mind, the importance of a safe space, checking in on friends, spreading kindness (example)

  2. Make 1 in feed post (Photo or Reels/TikTok) promoting RaveTalks’ latest Podcast episode (Season 5 Episode 2)

June – RaveSafe Campaign is over but this final criteria MUST be completed

  1. RT Package unboxing video we expect it to be done within 3 days of receiving the box

In total: 7 posts must be completed for this campaign

If you need any examples of what to create please refer to Mariah in the RT Discord chat!

Creators have until May 29th, 2024 to post content and submit their work to us.

When they have completed both we will send a compensation box.

Once the box has arrived, Creators have 3 days to complete/post an unboxing video.

Failure to complete an unboxing video will result in no longer working with RaveTalks on any AND all future campaigns.

Super Performance

Want to do this campaign at multiple festivals? If you choose to go above and beyond by gathering and posting content from multiple festivals for this campaign, we will personally send extra exclusive gifts in your package!

You are the reason why we get to do what we love. We greatly appreciate your efforts in spreading our message to your friends and followers. That type of commitment does not go unnoticed on our end!

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to register for the campaign.

Please make sure to answer all the questions.

Once you have registered you're automatically a part of the RaveFam! Whenever a new campaign is live, you will receive an email. For any previous and new RT Creators, you will now be given the option to opt-in to receive text messages from us as well for all RT updates and campaigns. This option will be given once you receive the initial email for RaveSafe.

Yes! You absolutely can. All content must be made at a music event &/or music festival then posted on all socials by each campaign's deadline.

Yes! After you have completed all requirements & tasks for this campaign AND have filled out the content submission form, you will receive a RaveTalks compensation box in the mail. The box is a variety of RaveTalks merch and and items given by each Sponsor for the campaign at the time.

Yes you can! If you choose to do this campaign at multiple festivals make sure to follow all directions when posting so we may track your progress.

We will personally send you extra exclusive gifts if you choose to go above and beyond for each campaign you opt-in for!

Add paid partnership label

  1.  Search & tap Advanced Settings under new post, story, or reel.
  2. Enable Add paid partnership
    label,  Next tap Add brand partners >
  3. Add brand partners by entering "ravetalks_" to search, then press Add next to our handle.
  4. Request approval  Once we receive your request, we will approve you as a brand partner.
  1. Create a new post or reel
  2. Press tag people then press Invite Collaborators
  3. In search, enter RaveTalks_, as well as any of the campaign's sponsors required, and select each page. Also make sure to tag  them normally in the post/reel as well.

We will then select which influencers' posts will be accepted to be in our page's feed, so get creative!

After registering for the campaign, you will receive a an approval email instructing you on where to submit your content and how.

If there are any additional questions that are not answered in the submission email, please refer to the RT Discord chat.

How to find TikTok analytics:

  1. On your profile page, click on the post you will be getting your analytics. 
  2. On the bottom right corner of the post, press on more insights
  3. Screenshot the performance of that video analysis and add this into your submission form
  4. Repeat these steps for each video you posted on TikTok for this campaign.

At the end of each campaign, we ask for all influencers' insights and statistics to be submitted. You will not receive your compensation package until ALL is completed and submitted to us.

Example of Analytics page screenshot:

How to find your impressions insights on Instagram:

  1. Click on professional dashboard
  2. In the top left corner it says Account Insights
  3. Click see all, in the top right corner
  4. Click on accounts reached
  5. In the top right corner, click Last 30 Days
  6. Edit this to the campaign's duration
  7. Screenshot the entire page including the impressions 
  8. Please add this in your submission form along with ALL of your TikTok analytics.

At the end of each campaign, we ask for all influencers' insights and statistics to be submitted. You will not receive your compensation package until ALL is completed and submitted to us.

Example of Impressions page screenshot:

If these FAQs do not answer all of your questions, please email us at or refer to Mariah directly in the RT Discord Chat.

We will do our best to respond within 48 hours. Thank you!