20 Female Artists You Don’t Wanna Miss at Countdown NYE Invasion

Countdown New Year’s Invasion is just around the corner, and we’re buzzing with excitement to welcome the New Year with an incredible lineup! As we gear up for this spectacular event, here’s our curated list of female artists you absolutely can’t miss.

Day 1:

Alison Wonderland:
Alison Wonderland, a true musical force, wears her heart on her sleeve when crafting visceral and raw songs. From her roots as a cellist with the Sydney Youth Orchestra to breaking boundaries in experimental pop electronic music, Alison’s fearless approach promises an unforgettable experience.

BEC, the relentless techno talent, swiftly climbed to the top with releases on influential labels like Second State, Intec, and Drumcode. Hailing from Berlin, BEC’s trademark sound, characterized by high-pressure drums and powerful bass, sets her apart in the electronic music scene.

Blossom, associated with Night Bass and UKF, is a rising star with bold house and drum and bass productions. Trained in classical music, she brings a unique twist to the electronic scene, earning accolades as “The Best DJ in Phoenix 2019.”

Bonnie X Clyde:
The multi-talented duo, Bonnie X Clyde, captivates with their blend of trap, bass, and pop production. Known for hits like “Bass Jam” and “Love Is Killing Me,” they’ve solidified their place as dance music heavyweights.

Lizzy Jane:
Lizzy Jane, with a diverse musical background, infuses her passion for melodic bass and electronic music. Her commitment to pushing boundaries, coupled with a captivating live show, makes Lizzy Jane a name to watch.

Mary Droppinz:
Mary Droppinz, a DJ who emerged from the underground LA/OC scene, has built a committed community through her performances on platforms like Twitch. With original productions on the horizon, Mary Droppinz brings a unique underground sound to the stage.

NERO, the Grammy Award-winning trio, returns with an album celebrating love among the ruins. Their apocalyptic electronic sound, blending the old and the new, cements their status as one of Britain’s most exciting bands.

Nicole Moudaber:
Nicole Moudaber, an influential DJ/producer, event promoter, and label founder, commands stages globally. Her unique sound has graced renowned venues and festivals, and her commitment extends to supporting initiatives like NYC’s Lower Eastside Girls Club.

VAMPA, energizing Chicago’s bass music scene, brings a genre-bending experience with delicate melodies and pounding synths. Her unmistakable energy is poised to captivate audiences and break new ground.


Day 2:

Gem & Tauri:
Gem & Tauri, a powerhouse duo, bring over a decade of experience in the EDM scene. With a groovy blend of melodic, tech, deep, and progressive house, their performances and productions promise an unmatched charisma.

J. Worra b2b Miane:
J. Worra, blending classic house with new school tech, and Miane, a rising star in the international electronic music scene, join forces for a dynamic b2b set. Expect a mix of creativity, swagger, and infectious vibes.

Maddy O’Neal:
Maddy O’Neal’s project combines elements from various genres, creating a rich sonic environment rooted in funk and soul. Her live performances, featuring original compositions, promise a journey from grimey bangers to shimmery mid-tempo tracks.

MISS DRE, a triple-threat in house and techno, brings a unique blend of dirty downbeats, trippy motifs, and a rousing stage presence. Headlining premier underground venues, she’s a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor.

Osyris, sculpting a journey through mysterious frequencies and imagery, offers an experience that transcends expectations. Influenced by a diverse range of artists, her experimental bass music infused with trap continues to evolve, promising an unforgettable performance.

Pauline Herr:
Pauline Herr, a trailblazing female producer, released a series of solo-produced tracks and a debut EP. With influences spanning Hip-Hop, Pop, Wave, and Trap, her vulnerable and raw songwriting sets her apart in the music scene.

Sofi Tukker:
SOFI TUKKER, best friends with a global reputation, infuse positivity into dance music. Their vibrant journey from Brown University to GRAMMY-nominated singles and collaborations with artists worldwide showcases their dynamic and community-driven approach.

TONG, blending Disco, Funk, Dance, and Tech House, showcases a fresh and unique signature style. Winner of the EDC Orlando Discovery Project in 2022, her music is a testament to innovation and creativity.

Zingara’s journey into the electronic scene, marked by personal loss, transformed her pain into beautiful music. Her dedication to connecting with emotions and creating a unique experience defines her as an artist to watch.


Get ready for an electrifying experience as these female artists take the stage at Countdown New Year’s Invasion!


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