Behind the Beats: Empowering Moments at Insomniac’s Countdown NYE

Insomniac’s Countdown New Year’s Invasion Music Festival provided a mesmerizing New Year’s celebration, immersing us in a sensory feast of lights, visuals, art, food, and, of course, the heartbeat of the event – the music. A diverse lineup, including BEC, Mary Droppinz, Lizzy Jane, and Vampa, alongside classics like Alison Wonderland and Sofi Tucker, united the crowd in an unforgettable experience.

Acknowledging the unique journey of female artists, we delved into the statistics, discovering that only 27% of festival acts are women. Intrigued by their path to success, we had the privilege of sitting down with these artists for empowering insights. BEC encouraged authenticity, daring, and confidence, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself.

Vampa dismissed gender concerns, urging artists to focus on their art’s communication, emphasizing that talent knows no limitations. Mary Droppinz expressed the honor of representing women, highlighting the collective effort to make space for more female acts.

Lizzy Jane shared the importance of finding authenticity, navigating the journey at a deliberate pace, and seizing unexpected opportunities. These women exemplify that possibilities are limitless in the electronic music scene, inspiring us to pursue happiness and goals. In a universe abundant with opportunities, each of us can attain what brings joy.

Looking ahead to 2024, BEC revealed plans for a new label and exciting collaborations. Vampa promised new music releases, feature vocals, and a Bad Bodies tour in the spring. Mary Droppinz expressed enthusiasm for sharing elemental fun through new music and hosting her own parties. Lizzy Jane teased upcoming releases, including the heartbreak VIP and an 8-track EP defining the next chapter. A huge thank you to BEC, Mary Droppinz, Vampa, and Lizzy Jane for chatting with us, and if y’all haven’t checked out their music click on their name to be directed to their Spotify.

As we embrace the abundance of opportunities in 2024, we’re reminded that anything is possible. These artists’ positive advice and a shoutout to Insomniac Countdown for making it happen – stay tuned for their interviews coming next month to our YouTube channel. It’s a ladies’ world, so brace yourselves for an exciting year ahead!


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