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Hello hello everyone and welcome back to MKQ blogs! I know it’s been a minute and I hope you are doing well. Can you believe we are finally here in Season 2?!

When I started this blog last year, I did it to enhance the RaveTalks brand presence, but also I did it to talk shit and share what’s on my mind.

Mission accomplished .

Previously I had this feeling that nobody knew how great RaveTalks really was. And that the people who did know had a somewhat distorted sense of what we were all about. Now confidently after 22 episodes I feel like you all have a greater understanding lol.

So for this season I wanted to do something different. I wanted to go outside of us at RaveTalks and speak to the very fabric that makes up the EDM culture. I wanted to speak to the people.

For this entire season I’ll be interviewing a different person who loves EDM and asking them questions about themselves, their perspective, and throw in a few surprises along the way.

First up is none other than Cynthia from CynQuin Beauty!

Cynthia was born and raised in Los Angeles. By day Cynthia works in Medical Administration and in her free time she attends music festivals and raves. She’s very passionate about music, rave culture, beauty, and advocating for Mental Health Awareness.

She developed a community based EDM Festival and Rave related blog entitled Cyn Quin Beauty where she shares with people beauty tips, festival makeup looks, and her favorite beauty products, as well as festival fashion, and shares her music festival and/or rave experiences.

I was so in awe of her blog that I wanted her to share more about her relationship to EDM in depth.

1. How did you get into and how long have you been in the edm scene?

I had just graduated high school and my coworker and friend would invite me to desert raves and massives, but I wasn’t allowed to go. In 2011, my then best friend invited me to Beyond Wonderland and the moment we walked in, I knew it was something I never wanted to end. I had always loved dance music, house music, so it wasn’t too out of the ordinary for me to finally go to a festival.

2. Have you ever been to an underground rave?

I have, I have been to Twisted Lines underground techno raves, those are so lit! I recommend following them to get the latest news on their undergrounds, in Atlanta or LA. Other than that, I have not, because I cannot stay up all night L haha but I am certainly open to going to them, if my friends don’t mind leaving at a reasonable hour. I do have to say, I enjoy the purity of undergrounds. How music is the focus of these events, and you know that everyone there is just as passionate as you are about the music and dancing as a means of expression.

As much as I love the space and atmosphere of massive festivals, the heart of rave culture can often be found at undergrounds.

3. Do you have a rave name?

I do! I was a lucky girl and was given a rave name at my first festival, beyond wonderland. A very lovely woman that I met that day, was talking to me casually and asked me questions, and gave me the rave name “Little Cynful.” (think sinful) It is simplistic and self-explanatory, I loved it.

4. Are you into getting or giving Kandi at raves?

For the first 7 years of being in the scene, I was giving Kandi. Now, I am getting Kandi. I’m a giver by nature and enjoy seeing people’s faces light up when trading with them and giving them something that I created. Granted, I am not super talented and would only make singles, but in the last few years, I tried to make them more special, not generic words. Which is also okay! I’ll gladly accept singles with words. I just wanted my singles to have more meaning or be special, since I am unable to make cool cuffs. I don’t trade as much anymore, because I am often overwhelmed that I don’t get to make as many to trade and I end up taking off my Kandi halfway through an event, because I get hot easily. But I do love to wear the Kandi that was gifted to me, as its very near and dear to my heart and I LOVE when people are so kind to want to trade or gift me, Kandi. It’s a part of rave culture that made me fall in love with the scene.

5. What is your favorite genre of EDM and favorite artist?

House, House, and HOUSE! and of course, house music’s more mature and serious sibling, techno. I can’t forget about moombahton. Anything with a groovy beat that naturally makes my hips move, I will gravitate towards. I’d say my musical taste has evolved from big room in 2010 -2014 and trance, to mostly house/techno. Music and the scene evolve over time, but as we get older and our minds change, I believe our preference can also change. As much as I love to party and dance, I often find myself looking for a calm, chill beat to just relax to and take me away to a blissful eutopia.

Some of my favorite artists are Alison Wonderland, Jstjr, AC Slater & Night Bass, Malaa & Pardon My French Crew, Eric Prydz, Duke Dumont, Kaskade, Avicii, Chris Lake, John Summit, Maya Jane Coles, Gorgon City, Charlotte de Witte, Nora en Pure, Meduza, and Maceo Plex to name quite a few of the more mainstream artists.

6. Tell me more about Cyn Quin Beauty: What was your influence that encouraged you to start Cyn Quin Beauty?

Cyn Quin Beauty is my love letter to the rave culture and EDM & beauty community. It is glowing, and vibrant. Electric, if you will. It is inspired by the music and lights of festivals and raves that flood the brain to produce feelings of pure elation. Cyn Quin Beauty is about that euphoric feeling. I also believe that glamour truly means whatever you want it to be. Whether it entails being drenched in glitter or covered in glow paint. Be bold and uniquely you.

I started the blog because I wanted to bring together the two things, I am most passionate about. I wanted to serve the community in a way that I had not completely seen be done. Something more relatable to many ravers. Talk about things that are typically taboo or that young Cynthia wouldn’t have had a clue to even begin to know where and who to ask or go to for beauty or festival things. There are many EDM influencers out there, but there were very few I felt that I could relate to, or could be friends with, in real life. I was feeling a disconnect from the rave culture, on social media, so I decided to be the person I was unconsciously searching for. Also, I was already sharing product reviews and tips on my socials, so I figured why not make it more official, and give my voice a home of it’s own.

Instagram is a dying medium and while people rather consume content in short video clips or elaborate photos, even podcasts, I know I can better express myself through words. I understand that making YouTube videos, tok-tok videos, etc., would get me more views, followers, clout, what have you. Blogging is more authentic to who I am. I’ll still create content on occasion for the ‘gram, but I didn’t want to let it rule my life. I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity.

7. What is your relationship to the Insomniac passport group?

I help run the unofficial passport members Facebook group. Another passport member and I have a relationship with Insomniac Passport Concierge team and occasionally work together to relay information or collaborate on ideas to make the Insomniac Passport Program more enjoyable for members. Currently, we are more hands off and the Insomniac Passport Concierge team is handling everything. In the unofficial Facebook group, there is a few of us who help facilitate the group and answer member questions, or help as best as we can, but we are limited at times with how we can help and will direct people to passport concierge if we cannot immediately answer questions. It is a community run group, where everyone helps by answering questions or providing information, when myself or other group “admins” cannot, or do not get to question in time.
At the start, we would schedule meet ups at events so that members can come together and meet in real life, not only online but also trying to foster relationships and comradery amongst passport members. I also try and get to know as many passport members as possible so that they feel seen and heard. It may take me a few times to learn people’s names, but it is my goal to do so. I truly believe in connecting with people, making friends and being someone that they can reach out to.

8. What is one misconception you think that is made about ravers today?

I feel that one of the misconceptions about ravers is that they’re reckless, irresponsible people who only go to festivals/raves to do drugs. To that I say, go to a festival with me and I will show you a different side of it. Be forewarned, you may fall in love with the scene.

9. How long do you think raving will be around?
Nothing in life is guaranteed, but I sure hope it’s around until the end of time. Rave to the grave!

Rave to the grave indeed. What an amazing individual that Cynthia is and a huge thank you to her for sharing.

Next blog we will really get an indepth look at what it’s like to be somewhat of a kandi legend. We’ll get a chance to know the man behind the mask. Mr. Calico Visions himself!!

The end… ….

Just kidding lol Before I go I wanted to announce the winner of our first ever giveaway!!! Thank you to all the entered it really means a lot to BDE and I! The winner is @susiesioux_1. Congratulations Please dm us @ravetalks_ so that we can send you your wristbands!!

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We love you all… MKQ out ☺


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