EDCLV: Last Minute Tips

Whether this is your first time attending EDC Las Vegas or you’re a seasoned Vet it can be quite overwhelming. 

Being prepared for this magical weekend is what is going to set you up to have the best experience possible! 

Here are 10 pro-tips that we think are the most important to having a great EDC weekend: 

  • Comfortable Shoes and Clothes are a Must

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway where EDC takes place is HUGE! Actually, that’s an understatement! No Doubt you’ll be walking at least 30k steps a day. It’s so important to be wearing comfortable shoes and clothing so that you can make it til Sunrise. 

  • Get a Locker 

Which brings us to number 2, get a locker! Not only is EDC huge but it can be cold with high winds now that it takes place in May. In 2019 the lows dipped well into the 50’s and with the high winds it was super chilly. You’ll want a locker to store your jackets and possibly pants as well depending on your cold temp tolerance. This is also where you can store comfy shoes if you have to have your cute but non functional ones for your pix! Lockers are also great to store your items that have to be sealed upon entry. 

  • Have a Meeting Spot & Time Stamp Your Texts

Having a meeting spot is crucial! The cell service can be horrible on the track. Choose a meeting spot BEFORE the festival begins and make sure it is stationary. Also, most places are larger than life once you’re on the track so make sure to plan for the exact side you’ll be on ie: The front left side of the Ferris Wheel. Our pro tip is to pick a vendor to meet at since the booths are more manageable and they don’t move! 

Also, timestamp your texts! That means when you send a text, put the time you’re sending on the end. Example: “going to the bathroom 8PM”. This helps prevent your friends from running around trying to find you. If they get your 8PM bathroom text at 10pm then they know you likely aren’t there anymore. 

  • Not Camping? Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Get to the Track. 

Our rule of thumb is at least 3 hours if you’re taking a standard shuttle and maybe 2-3 if you’re driving. The shuttles take around an hour to get to EDC and you may be in line or an hour or more. So plan accordingly! Also if you’re not in premiere parking it’s a pretty far walk to get to the gets and driving traffic in general may be a nightmare. 

  • Get Your Merch Early, it Sells out 

This one is self explanatory, but trust us don’t wait if you have your eye on some merch 

  • Put an Emergency Contact on Your Phone’s Lock Screen 

This is both a great idea in case of medical emergencies or if your phone gets lost. Then whoever finds it can try calling your contact to reunite you with your phone. 

  • Secure Your Phone

Speaking of losing your phone, theft is unfortunately high at major festivals like EDC. Make sure to have your phone and any valuable belongings secured. NOTHING VALUABLE in your back pockets!! There’s Phone Leashes, Bandolier, Clutchloops, and other similar devices to secure your phone. 

Hydrating is also key at EDC, so having an anti-theft hydration bag is the best idea. 

  • Trade Kandi & Talk to Strangers 

Making new friends is the best part! Don’t be afraid to trade kandi, that’s part of the culture. You can also give out compliments! It makes people feel good and it’s a great way to start a conversation! 

  • Do everything EDC has to offer 

EDC is more than just the music acts! There’s downtown EDC, Art installations, Memory Lane, and so much more. Make time to experience it all! 

  • Take Breaks 

EDC goes from sun up to sun down AKA it’s a marathon not a sprint! Taking breaks it’s necessary to get through the weekend. Eat & stay hydrated. Cosmic Meadow is the perfect spot to chill out. Between the grassy area and the stands there’s lots of room to kick up your feet. 

We hope you incorporate these tips into your EDC Weekend and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there! To learn more EDCLV tips, click here to listen latest episode “Mentally, I’m at a Rave,” out now on all streaming platforms. 


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