Hello hello everyone and welcome back to MKQ blogs! I have missed you all and thank you for being apart of season 3!! This interview I am featuring today I’m so elated to be sharing with you. I have admired the helpful tips and tricks that this person has provided for so long. She is an avid raver and edm influencer with a profound following on both Instagram and Tiktok, while also balancing her time as a devoted wife and mother. Today I have the honor of featuring the beautiful Keighly but known to world as TheCrazyRaveChick!! Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you. So tell me a bit about yourself: Where are you from? What’s your background? My name is Keighly, pronounced like Kaylee! I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Florida which ultimately lead me to my first job as an Assignment Editor for a major local news station in West Palm Beach. I quickly realized the newsroom was just not for me and also knew a typical corporate job was not the life I wanted to live. I tried working various jobs while simultaneously trying to figure out what I was truly passionate about. Along the way I tried being a Beachbody Coach, which you might think would be embarrassing to say now being that so many people are Anti-MLM, however it’s what launched me into learning about what Social Media Marketing truly was. I currently work as a Social Media Manager and own my own business as a Photographer. How did you get into and how long have you been in the rave and EDM scene? It’s no secret if you’ve followed my page, I was actually an EDM hater! *I’m filled with regret* lol from around 2012 – 2015 my BFF tried endlessly to get me to go to festivals with him and would always send me his favorite EDM tracks. I have no idea why I was not into it! I didn’t even realize some of the music I loved was in fact, EDM! I had Skrillex, Krewella, Avicii, and Swedish House Mafia on my iPhone – smh lol. Fast forward to 2015, I met my now husband.. He had just gone to his first Ultra and was hooked. He was going to EDCLV and wanted me to go too. Unfortunately it was too last minute so I wasn’t able to make it but when Ultra rolled around in 2016 and Deadmau5 was announced he was like I am going, you can either come too or stay home. I was like well shoot! I didn’t want to have FOMO so I literally told him… “this will either bring us closer together or we will break up so let’s do it.” Well… here we are!! So I guess we know what happened!! Officially, my first festival was Ultra Miami 2016. I WAS HOOKED! I actually had gone to some events in college but had no idea that I was raving and didn’t truly appreciate it…. like I saw Tiesto in college like probably 2011 and left early, WHAT!!? Lol What is your rave name and how did you get it?  I don’t officially have a rave name and was never given one 🙁  After Ultra 2016 we were headed to EDCLV and I knew this was the beginning of a wild ride! Which it was, lol we did SO much prior to me having my son in 2020. But knowing we were about to do all these events, I had the idea to start my Instagram account so that I could share what I was doing and make others feel like they were there with me. That’s how “The Crazy Rave Chick” was born. What’s your favorite genre of edm/favorite artist? This is the hardest question on the planet. I am not someone who sticks to one genre I really have love for all of them and have a ton of favorites!! My absolute favorite favorite favorite is Oliver Heldens as far as House Music, and for Bass my favorite is NGHTMRE. But currently I keep John Summit on repeat! What does being a Kandi kid mean to you?  Being a kandi kid means getting to spread happiness to others. Kandi takes work, dedication, effort, and resources to make and still there is nothing better than trading kandi to someone who doesn’t have any to give back. The look on someone’s face is truly priceless! It also means connection to me. Creating and trading kandi is special. You know that person took that time to make that piece of kandi and they are sharing it with you. And when someone makes a piece specifically for me, I mean CHILLS, that is truly so special to me. Its one of the best parts of the culture I like to play a part in keeping alive. How did you learn to make Kandi? I started with regular single pieces, and then created perlers just on the shaped pegboards. I learned the cool masking tape trick from fellow kandi kids on social media. recently I made a few larger pieces that I learned how to create with a friend’s help, who I also met on social media! I’ve followed you for a while and I know that you provide some of the best tips and tricks. What inspired you to begin spreading your good tips and knowledge focused around raving on social media? – As I mentioned earlier, my page really was created first on connection. I wanted others to feel connected to the events they couldn’t attend. As social media has grown and changed it has truly become about providing value to others. Sharing tips and knowledge is how I can provide value to the community. I also get super anxious myself when I am in new situations. I feel like giving inside info can alleviate the anxiety that others may feel attending an event if they feel like that have more insight into what will go on, what they can expect etc. What is one misconception you think that is made about ravers today? I think the biggest misconception is that ravers only rave to do drugs. There is so much more to the community than being under the influence. Life with a toddler is STRESSFUL! I could not survive my regular life without escaping through the music. You don’t need substances for that feeling. The community has also helped so much with my own self confidence and the relationships I have made through raving are indescribable. Like when I stop to think I wouldn’t know certain people if it wasn’t for raving, Raving truly has been life changing and it has nothing to do with substances at all! How you balance rave life and your influencer demands with mom and wife life? I am not going to lie, it is hard. I have to plan content in advance, I have to batch content when my son is pre-occupied, napping, or with a babysitter. It can be a lot, and I often feel burnt out. As far as raving and being a Mom I knew that I would not quit just because I had a baby. However, the Mom guilt is REAL. I often wonder am I making the right choices, but it is really easy to lose yourself once you become a Mom. Continuing my IG and Raving is what helps me maintain that part of myself that is still ME. There’s a stigma that states to be an ideal rave girl you must look at certain way. What advice would you give to new women interested in the rave scene on how to remain confident and comfortable in their own skin regardless of the stigma I know it can be intimidating, especially with how a lot “influencers” make the rave scene look…but truly ALL are welcome! I have always struggled with weight and body image and it truly is because of so many badass rave girls that I now have been able to change my mindset. I may not look 100% how I want to in certain outfits, but I remember we are all welcome! We are all worthy! Every body is a rave body! It’s truly knowing that at a rave all are accepted that I am able to continue to dress how I want to despite how my weight or image fluctuates. Prior to raving I would never of had the confidence to feel that way. So even though social media at times gives the perception that you must look a certain way, new women in the scene should know that there are ALL kinds of body types represented at the actual festivals. Here at Rave Talks we focus on the importance of Women’s Safety and safety at events. I wanted to know your perspective on what you think can be done to ensure attendees safety from the perspective of those who have a platform in EDM. My Thoughts on Safety as a whole: I think event organizers have the responsibility to ensure that all attendees are safe. That means not overselling events. Have enough security. Equipping staff with radios & giving them proper training in the event of a life threatening situation. I think it means having a well equipped med tent. Having enough water and access to water at events. Not selling out of food. And I would like to think they have plans in place should there be a larger scale tragedy attempt. As far as those with a social platform, I think its our responsibility to always give the best advice as far as safety goes especially for women. Women need to know the real danger of human trafficking at any event they attend. They should not be in attendance completely alone if possible, however if they do attend events solo they should follow other methods to keep themselves safe. If attending events solo, be sure not to over do any substance so that you can remain responsible for yourself. Put an “In Case of Emergency” phone number and name as your lock screen – this is good for any event whether attending alone or not. Never walk anywhere outside alone and stay inside a crowd should you need to walk away from the event. Be vigilant, and always aware of your surroundings, dont get pre-occupied on your phone if walking outside of an event. Harm reduction is also important for women’s safety, if partaking in substances they should always be tested prior using a test kit. Making sure to be hydrated and well fed prior to a festival and continue to stay hydrated throughout are all good safety measures to take. Do you feel like the culture surrounding EDM has changed? Why do you think that’s happened or hasn’t happened?  I know this has been a topic of conversation lately. I don’t think I’ve necessarily been in the scene long enough to say if the culture has changed. Do I think PLUR is dead? NO! I think as EDM gets bigger and bigger, yes it will be come “trendy” and people outside of the real community will come to the events. That definitely can change things, but its up to us to create PLUR ourselves. Spread kindness to others at events. See someone drop something? return it to them! Have extra baby wipes to give out, give them out! Things like that. All we can do is continue to spread the good vibes and respect and hope others catch on. I’ve been to a couple festivals lately where many swore PLUR was dead, and the vibes were horrible when in my opinion they were incredible experiences. I think we play a huge part in our own experience and it’s who you’re surrounded with and what you make of what you have. Where do you think rave culture will be 20 years from now? I can only hope it will be even more accepted than it is today! That stigma is unfortunately still there, hopefully in 20 more years we will have worked to show raving is about peace, love, unity, and respect! I do think it’s going to continue to become more popular and more mainstream. But I believe there will always be artists who strive to keep that real underground rave culture feel alive no matter how widely popular it becomes. I too hope we get to raving becomes more widely accepted, I wouldn’t be who I was with out it!! What an amazing interview that was withKeighly. Thank you so very much for allowing me to interview you. It was an honor for all of to get to know you better. You can find Keighly through their awesome instagram and Tiktok @thecrazyravechick. Check her out she has some great tips on how to get ready for EDC LV!!! As always follow us on our Instagram @ravetalks_ and on Facebook Rave Talks and also subscribe to our newsletter. Make sure to tune in to our first episode of season 3 found anywhere you get podcasts… we have some amazing giveaways and special treats coming your way. And to everyone attending EDC LV please find me in either camping or the event to trade kandi!! I love you all… MKQ out ☺️

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