#Representation Series Pt.1


We’re doing a series of posts this season highlighting the future and honoring the past by showcasing businesses and artists in EDM. PT.1 of our Representation series is recognizing, uplifting, and celebrating Black-owned businesses. So let’s start this off with some brands y’all should check out for rave wear attire!!! 

Neon Cowboy

Neon Cowboys was founded in 2014 by Asia Hall. Neon Cowboys is a tech brand that specializes in illuminated western wear. Famous for its signature, patented light-up cowboy hat, Neon Cowboys also shines bright with its line of color-changing/holographic face masks, LED-powered boots, fiber optic bralettes, UV acrylic nails and more. Asia Hall got inspired after attending a country music festival to keep the partying going all night long. Her vision was to create an inclusive brand for everyone.


Elsie & Fred

Elsie and Fred aim to empower every woman on the planet. Based in the UK, Elsie & Fred is ran by 3 siblings. They’re major proponents of sustainable fashion and self-esteem. They design trendy, funky, fun, bold bright apparel to make you feel like your fiercest self. 



LovelyXLethal is a brand that sells items made for those who dress out of the ordinary. Every item is handmade sustainably using up-cycled materials. The idea behind LXL is to play with the concept of light versus dark through styles of both gothic alternative fashion and feminine sunshine designs. Their goal is to make every customer feel confident in their own uniqueness. 


Shelby Dione Studio

Shelby Dione Studio creates beautiful one of a kind pieces. Based in LA, their sustainable clothing is made with care and love to empower women. Chic handmade clothing is a trendy must have for festivals.


Hdbngr Rvwr

Hdbngr Rvwr aims to make everyone feel beautiful and empowered. They specialize in rave wear and custom work for all sizes. Their clothing emphasizes no one is too small or too big, everyone is perfect.


Sim Ivy Co

Sim Ivy Co is a festival brand based in LA. She created this brand solely based around who she is as an individual. A real life Bratz doll, her clothing is positively influenced by pop culture and music. Her clothes are made to make you feel like a badass!


Electric By Mar

Electric By Mar expresses creativity through fashion. Believing that people are more than just a size, all their garments are handmade to your measurements. Their goal is to make everyone feel like the powerful confident goddess that you are.


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