#Representation Series Pt.4

#Representation Series PT.4

We’re doing a series of posts this season supporting people who’ve impacted our EDM community. PT.4 of the series we are highlighting resources and communities that support women working in or are trying to break into the industry. The resources are listed in alphabetical order. Please click on their name to be taken to their instagram page to inquire more information and join their community!


@AmplifyHerVoice founded by Kristina London, promotes gender equality in the music industry and advancing women’s careers through educational, networking, and creative opportunities. 


@BookMoreWomen provides reports and visual representations of gender imbalance at current music festivals, start conversations, track progress, and work towards better representation on future lineups.


@Callingallcrows connects and mobilizes music fans to join feminist movements for justice and equality by raising awareness, taking action, and collectively working for social change.


@DiversifytheStage is an organization providing career opportunities in the music and live entertainment industry to BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Female & Gender Nonconforming individuals by establishing more inclusive hiring practices and greater access to opportunities in live music, events, and touring.


@Defineeverythingfuture is a female founded independent team of creatives who help others create their own visions and bring them to life. They believe in the power of creativity and collaboration, and are committed to providing quality services and products.


@thisisFemmeHouse is a non-profit fostering more equitable opportunity for women and gender-expansive in the technical and behind-the-scenes areas of music by providing education, scholarships, visual representations, and professional development opportunities.


@FemmeItForward a joint venture with Live Nation Entertainment, Femme It Forward is a female-led music and entertainment company that centers its mission in celebrating, educating, and empowering the industry’s most creative and accomplished female visionaries through multi-format, multi-market consumer experiences.


@four4consent is a non profit organization that helps event organizers and venues create a safer and more positive nightlife culture. They’re also a community that aims to end sexual harassment and assault in music, nightlife, and gaming and provides resources and referrals for survivors.


@GenderAmplified is a non-profit that aims to celebrate women music producers, raise their visibility, and develop a pipeline for girls and young women to get involved behind the scenes in recording studios.


@girlswholisten is a female founded nonprofit dedicated to supporting and shaping future female creatives and executives within the music industry through their mentorship and virtual programs.


@GirlsBTRS a non-profit helping advance women and gender diverse people in the music industry through education and shadowing opportunities.


@safetourorg believes artists must create a harassment-free work environment for their team by providing training to every tour member that will teach and empower equitable behavior.


@SaffronRecords a community advancing gender equality in the music sector by creating safer spaces for marginalized people through forward-thinking courses.


@SheIsTheMusic is a nonprofit organization increasing the number of women working in music (songwriters, engineers, producers, artists and industry professionals).


@shesaid_so is a global independent community of women and gender nonconforming people in the music industry.


@SoundGirls creates a supportive community for women in audio and music production by providing the tools, knowledge, and support to further their careers. 


@turnuphermic a nonprofit organization highlighting the experiences and career paths of women working in the live music industry (touring musicians, music directors, tour managers, and more) through informative panels, mentorship programs, and online initiatives.


@WeAreTheMovingNeedle is a nonprofit organization founded by Grammy winning mastering engineer, Emily Lazar, supporting women recording industry professionals, audio engineers, and producers.


@WEAREGRLGANG is a record label founded by DJ Jeanie, making dance music more inclusive.


@womensaudiomission a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of women, girls and gender-expansive individuals in music and the recording arts.


@womeninctrl is a female founded non profit organization that empowers women in creative and business through campaigning for equality and representation, and discussing job opportunities.

@womeninmusic a non-profit organization established in 1985 committed to advancing equality, visibility, and opportunities for women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment and recognition.


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